Lives, now also on Instagram

Lives have always been great for engagement, but with limited reach during the event (how can you attend so many people individually?) and afterwards (how do I contact them?). With that in mind, smarters has launched a 💬 conversational technology that intelligently interacts with everyone, converting them into customers and opening a channel for future messages. And it also helps before the event, with pre-registration and start alert.

That's what happened during "Live Moments", the 1st Brazilian live commerce integrated with Facebook and Messenger, in partnership with Meta:

of users rated the experience between 4 and 5 ⭐️
of the comments were the keyword 👆 #IWant

In Nov/21, after the feature was released, we were pioneers again by supporting a live on Instagram (for Johnson & Johnson), a great opportunity that has opened up for brands.

For more details about lives, including 🎥pre-production through a partnership with the audiovisual specialist VOCS, visit the website or talk to Livia (in Portuguese) on your right (or say ).