We are an Artificial Intelligence startup that develops conversational agents with the mission of making our lives smarter. We combine advanced (proprietary) technology and immersion in the problem to create pioneering, award-winning and innovative solutions.
Far beyond bots or chatbots.

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smarters - WhatsApp Solution ProviderBusiness Solution Provider

Our team works from end to end, since the project understanding and design until the creation and evolution of the agents, programmed to generate results for our clients partners. Thus, they can focus on their business and leave the AI with us.

AI pioneers in Latin America

We started in 2013 as a B2C recommendation engine through agents. In 2016, with the launch of the Messenger bot platform and the natural demand for conversational technology in Portuguese, we started to serve companies.

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Completing this change, we made a full "restart" in 2018, including the repurchase of our investors. But our mission has remained the same: making the world smarter so we can live better. Many projects and millions of people impacted later, we are getting closer to the original vision. 😎

From Brazil to the world

We are very proud to be Brazilian, and we want to show that it is possible to create amazing things from here. In 2019, for example, at Facebook's F8, one of the largest technology events in the world, we participated with 4 customer cases: Savol, ShopFácil.com, GM and Promart. And our co-founder Pietro Bujaldon became the first Brazilian ever to speak at the event, where he had the opportunity to tell a little of our history. 💜


The company was founded by 3 childhood friends with 15+ years of technology startup experience, and this is the 3rd one they have created together! Pietro Bujaldon is in charge of relationship with the market, Bruno Navarro ("Bud") for technology, organization and culture and Samir Ramos for product and innovation.

They are part of a complete team, including linguists, designers, managers, developers and the new "robot trainers" 🤖. Thus, we can work with our clients from end to end, since the project understanding and design until the creation and evolution of the agents.

We are collaborative, we balance responsibility and fun and we are always growing. If you share these values and our vision, talk to our agent Carol and join the super team we are building for 2020.

Agents for Messenger and WhatsApp

We create conversational agents for Messenger and WhatsApp. Our proprietary technology includes personalization (tailoring and speaking to each person and context), skills (features, complex integrations, data layer and multi-language support) and predictability (they anticipate what we want and do for us), going far beyond bots.

smarters - Messenger Official ProviderOfficial Provider
smarters - WhatsApp Solution ProviderBusiness Solution Provider

We use our D11 📝 methodology to build projects and generate results for our clients, whether in the form of branding, data enrichment or conversions / sales. In addition to the ubiquitous significant cost reduction.

Choose one of the 4 main industries in which we operate to see solutions and cases:

Leader and pioneer in AI for auto

The automotive industry is undergoing a revolution (Uber, electric cars, autonomous vehicles...) and bots are part of it. That is why, since 2016, we have been developing agents that reduce costs and increase sales, having already served 7 of the 10 largest automakers in Brazil.

99% attended in after sales service

We operate mainly on 3 fronts: dealership scheduling (after sales), vehicle launch for automakers and generation, qualification and lead management for both, all already integrated with DMS, CRM and IVR. 🏎

Send hello@smarte.rs and schedule a visit or call to check the magic up close.

Carts full of tricks

Our relationship with e-commerce comes from our first client ShopFácil.com, and our first international, and omnichannel, Promart. We operate throughout the purchase journey, from lead generation to data enrichment, segmentation, sales and customer service.

Our "personal shoppers" have learned many skills since then, such as recommending products via photo, chatting from within the online store, simulating augmented reality and finishing the purchase. Always reducing our clients' costs and increasing their sales.🛍

Schedule a visit or call and watch the rabbit get out of the hat magic get out of the cart.

Ahead of the trend

The finance industry is perhaps the one that is currently being transformed the most (fintechs, blockchain etc.), but it is also very sensitive, which has made us develop a layer of security and data control for the agents. Much with the help of our partner Visa, with which we create pioneering and innovative projects, in addition to their official bot.

Our agents go far beyond payments skills: they understand what we mean by phrases like "I want to invest" and "how to calculate interest", and they act accordingly, helping our day to day financials.

Say hello@smarte.rs, schedule a visit or call and see this magic in practice.

The universe is the limit

The digital media field has gained infinite possibilities with the arrival of AI, and we've tested some of them in partnership with agencies. During the 2018 World Cup, for example, with McDonald's, and during the 2019 LGBT+ parade in São Paulo with Close-up. And the results showed more engagement, brand awareness, data enrichment and conversion.

Our projects are always data-driven in planning, measurement and targeting. This is particularly important in digital campaigns, which we do especially on Facebook with the Click-to-Messenger format. 📲

Arrange a visit or call and let's think about the next magic together.

Partnership in vision

Our clients also believe that conversational agents are the future. And that, at present, we are the ideal AI partner to help them get there.

We are also very grateful to our partners, who are fundamental to the expansion and evolution of our agents, such as Visa in various projects, More Than Real in augmented reality and Facebook in technology and its ecosystem. In addition to agencies, especially in automotive and media and campaign projects 📣.

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Let's talk about how we can help your business? Send hello@smarte.rs.

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